Locations are a critical part of every video, but a lot of time it's hard to find the right place to shoot. Set Scouter connects videographers in film, TV and commercial productions with residential location owners in a marketplace that looks to make finding shoot locations easier, and now they are offering their services for New York City locations.

Set Scouter is the first to full-service marketplace to help connect video producers with location owners. On their site, you can search for shooting locations and book locations if you see a place that you like. You can have direct email communication with location owners and make payments directly on the site.


“Set Scouter is at the forefront of changing the way producers and brands scout for locations,” said Alex Kolodkin, CEO and co-founder of Set Scouter. “Finding the perfect location is absolutely critical when it comes to productions. Set Scouter facilitates this process from start to finish, connecting major brands, agencies and production companies directly with homeowners. As Set Scouter expands, production companies in New York City will soon have access to the largest inventory of spaces at their fingertips.”

New York joins cities like Toronto, Miami, Chicago and Austin, which all have shooting locations listed on Set Scouter. In total, Set Scouter says that they have thousands of “film-friendly residential homes” for booking.


When searching on Set Scouters, you fill out criteria like the booking price range, location and space type. Once you find a place you like, you message the owner so you can discuss production details.

Homeowners listing location on Set Scouter are paid through the site.

Set Scouters says that the average price for a New York City location is ranging around $1,850 per day. Set Scouters doesn’t have a membership fee or any monthly payments, so you can set up an account with Set Scouters for free.

To check out Set Scouter's new New York City locations, or any of their other locations, go to setscouter.com.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.