Seagate’s IronWolf, IronWolf Pro and BarraCuda Pro hard drives are now avaialble with storage capacities of up to 12 terabytes. The 12TB IronWolf, IronWolf Pro, and BarraCuda Pro will extend Seagate’s Guardian Series, with Seagate hoping that these new drive will be able to meet the needs of large and small businesses and creative professionals.

Seagate justifies the development of these high-capacity drives with study conducted in partnership with IDC, which shows data creation will reach a total of 163 zettabytes — that's one billion terabytes of one trillion gigabytes — by 2025, ten times more than today. They believe their 12TB storage hard drive will provide good storage for the large files reslulting from AR, VR, 4K and 360-degree video production.

“Our storage hungry customers and partners continue to ask for our latest and greatest technology along with increased capacity and performance in our purpose built products,” says Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of Business Marketing at Seagate Technology. “With the 12TB Pro products, Seagate buyers are overcoming capacity constraints in their systems and can access vast amounts of digital data anytime, from anywhere.”

Seagate has dubbed their 12TB BarraCuda Pro HDD as the industry’s “fastest, highest-capacity and most reliable hard drive for desktop computing.” They claim the BarraCuda Pro has twice the amount of storage available when compared to their competitors’ products, and Seagate promises that the drive will meet the management needs for editing workflows and even gaming.

Seagate also champions the 12TB IronWolf and IronWolf Pro as the highest capacity NAS drives available, allowing customers to centralize their data onto NAS systems. The new 12TB drives have a 3.5-inch form factor that doesn’t seem to compromise the amount of storage they can offer. Seagate drives are available in Synology and QNAP enclosures, among others:

“Whether it’s storing your family photos, collaborating on important documents at work, or protecting your home with our video surveillance solutions, Synology NAS enthusiasts will be excited by the addition of Seagate’s 12TB IronWolf drives,” said Alex Wang, CEO of Synology America Corp. “By working together, Seagate and Synology are providing great ways for people to safeguard their digital lives and get the most out of their private cloud.”

“We are excited with Seagate’s launch of the industry’s largest capacity NAS drive – the 12TB IronWolf and IronWolf Pro,” said Meiji Chang, general manager of QNAP, adding “QNAP has collaborated with Seagate for many years on product and technology enhancements, working with them to create the best hard drives for NAS users. We believe that Seagate’s new IronWolf family provides the performance, reliability, and capacity needed to dependably store the vast data generated by virtualization, high-resolution media workflows, the Internet of Things, and other applications driven by modern QNAP NAS solutions.”

The new 12TB drives are also said to support Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management software, which helps users monitor and manage their drives to prevent data loss.

The 12TB versions of the IronWolf, IronWolf Pro and BarraCuda Pro are available now for $390, $440, and $430. Go to to learn more.

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