Vimeo and Livestream have just just released details on their first product integration and revealed that Livestream will be releasing a new pocket-sized live event camera: the Mevo Plus. And with Vimeo and Livestream partnership, they promise that users of Mevo Plus, Mevo, and Studio software will able to instantly stream to their Vimeo Live accounts.

When we reviewed Livestream’s original Mevo camera last year, we found it to be very easy to use and an overall good tool. We did however have issues keeping a good stream when using the Mevo at our office, since we have a busy network. The Mevo Plus promises to improve performance, claiming that it will provide “faster data transmission speeds, increased range of use, stronger Wi-Fi performance, reduced network interference, and improved stability.”

The Mevo Plus is said to keep the Mevo’s wide 150-degree lens and 4K recording, but now it can stream in Full HD 1080p compared to 720p with the original Mevo. The new Mevo Plus also enables real-time, in-app editing. It’s reported to feature a new Wi-Fi chip that offers a range of over 100 feet and a 2×2 MIMO antennas, which is supposed to allow for the faster data transmissions and and stronger connectivity along with the wider connection range.

Vimeo and Livestream believe that their partnership is democratizing live streaming by giving beginning creators an easy and reliable way to stream.

“The past month has been incredibly affirming: Vimeo and Livestream are united in our commitment to democratize the storytelling process and give more creators access to capabilities that were previously limited to a select few,” said Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. ”Mevo Plus is a remarkable tool that puts the power of a TV studio in your pocket, and is the first camera that integrates directly with the Vimeo platform. We are excited to launch deeper integrations in the coming months that will make live event production infinitely easier.”

Mark Kornfilt, GM of Livestream, continued, “As livestreaming continues to explode, millions of consumers are focused on upping their livestreaming output and production value to capture and share the live events that matter most to them. With the enhancements to Mevo Plus and our first integrations, we provide both the tools and reliability to deliver the ultimate live experience. We’re excited about what this means for our customers and those who may be exploring livestreaming for the first time.”

The Mevo Plus is being sold for $500, which is a $100 more than the original. But the price of the first generation Mevo will be begin to drop to $299. To learn more, go to

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Sean Berry
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