Dyno Equipment announced today that they will be releasing the world’s first modular, motorized camera slider for GoPro cameras and smartphones. With the crowdfunded Trek, Dyno Equipment promises users the ability to customize the speed, length, direction and exposure time for each shot. They also promise that the slider will be “highly affordable” while still being “perfect for both professional and hobbyist video makers alike.”

Dyno Equipment believes there is no other slider out there quite like the Trek. “After searching high and low for a modular, motorized camera slider that was cost-effective and easy to use, we soon realized that such a product just did not exist,” said Chris Szczur, CEO and co-founder, Dyno Equipment. “Most of the products on the market are made for larger cameras and are too expensive, bulky and complex. By reimagining the technology, we have been able to create a product that anyone can use anywhere, anytime.”


Dyno Equipment promises a very quick setup with the Trek, having been built with Magnetic Quick Connect technology that they say will allow users to “go from packed up to fully assembled in just seconds.” The system is supposed to be completely tool-less and stable on any surface with its leg design.


The Trek slider is reported to allow for movement on any incline, including horizontal to completely vertical or even upside down. In addition, it’s promised to be water and dust resistant, have live motion control allowing you to move the system 1 to 36 inches per minute and have a battery that lasts past 20 hours on a single charge. For a camera to work with the Trek, it must be under 1 pound to work horizontally and less than 8 ounces to work vertically.


Dyno Equipment says that the Trek will be coming soon. You can get more information about the specs of the Trek on Dyno Equipment’s website.

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