Canon Japan has recently obtained a patent for a DSLR with a pretty interesting looking LCD screen. You can see from the patent that the DSLR’s back LCD screen not only covers the entire back of the camera, being so big that it hides all of the back controls underneath it, but it’s also has a hinge mechanism that allows it to flip up and reverse.

The patent was found by Canon Rumors, and they find the flippable LCD screen to be quite intriguing.

“A lot of us have called on Canon to put vari-angle LCD’s on professional cameras such as the EOS-1D X series, EOS 5D series and the EOS 7D series, and we’re still waiting,” says Camera Rumors. “This would definitely be a big leap in a new direction for rear camera screens, but I suspect too big of a leap to see first in a flagship professional camera such as the EOS-1D X Mark III, but it could be introduced in a lower end camera such as the EOS 7D Mark III or a new video focused DSLR.”


The idea of designed a DSLR camera with a rear hinged screen isn’t entirely idea, but Canon’s design seems to be quite unique. According to the patent, the large LCD screen can be lifted upwards and then reversed, all the while not blocking the camera's viewfinder. Once the screen is lifted, you will have access to the camera’s rear dial and several other operation buttons. There does appear to be some operation buttons to the sides of the viewfinder too.


This is of course a patent, so there isn’t any solid indication that Canon will actually use this design in any future DSLRs, but it’s definitely an intriguing concept.

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