Zack Snyder’s New Short Film Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

After leaving production on the high budgeted superhero movie, "The Justice League," this year, director Zack Snyder’s been secretly working on a microbudget short film, called "Snow Steam Iron," which he shot entirely on a iPhone 7 Plus. This move is quite the transition for Snyder, who went from directing a multi-million dollar movie to a no-budget short. We’re not saying that it’s a bad move, far from it — the resulting short film looks visually incredible.

The film is about four minutes and you can watch for free now on Vero after you download the app and sign up for an account.

Here’s the synopsis for the short on Vero :

“SNOW STEAM IRON. Snow gently falls on the blood-stained streets of a seedy out-of-time New York City. Steam envelopes the nightmare unfolding within its narrow alleys. Iron is the will of the one who would dare to resist… fight… survive.”

Snyder revealed that he’d been working on the short film last week when he asked “What can you do with you talented friends & family, no money and a weekend?” The film was apparently shot in a few days, with the story of the film being it’s most important aspect.

Using an iPhone to shoot the entire project, Synder was excited by the fact that iPhone cameras are becoming so advanced that they are beginning to blur the line between phone cameras and professional film cameras. “"It's rather phenomenal to consider that we are living in an era where if you treat your iPhone like a movie camera, then it is one,” Synder said. “As someone who is particularly invested in mentoring young filmmakers, I think it is exciting that the technological barriers between them and the realization of their visions is being quickly eroded by amazing products like the iPhone."

Films like "Snow Steam Iron" proves that you don’t need to have expensive equipment to make good-looking films anymore. Phone’s cameras have become so advanced that anyone can achieve high-quality looking footage if they know how to.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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