Videoblocks Expands Offerings Under New Storyblocks Brand

Videoblocks, the stock footage service that gives subscription members 100-percent royalty free video and provides a marketplace where videographers are paid 100-percent commission, has been expanding it’s brand, now offering a new stock photo marketplace alongside their existing libraries. And as Videoblocks grows, the company is rebranding as Storyblocks. The new name reflects the company's mission to provide everything video producers might need to tell great stories, not just video footage.

"For us, introducing Storyblocks and the image Marketplace were the next logical steps on our journey to becoming first and last place creatives go when working on a project,” said TJ Leonard, Storyblocks’ CEO. “The new Storyblocks brand captures our vision of bringing our libraries together into a more unified experience, allowing our members to find the right content quickly, without having to blow their budget or sacrifice quality.”


Storyblocks will keep Videoblocks’ subscription-base model, which offered a one-price subscription that gave members access to video at Videoblocks, audio at Audioblock and photos at GraphicStock. Upon launch, subscriptions are sold a la carte by media type. In addition, the company is launching a image marketplace along with Videoblocks’ name change. Similar to the existing video marketplace, the new photo, vector and icon marketplace pays 100-percent commission to contributors. Storyblocks says that it has 10 million photos currently committed to the Storyblocks photo library, and it’s only going to keep growing, with a goal to add about a million more photos every month.

The name change will also give the company room to grow in the future since they aim to offer whatever a video editor might need to make a good video using stock media.


With this rebranding, GraphicStock will be completely merged into Storyblocks, but Videoblocks and Audioblocks will remain separate for the time being. For more information, visit


Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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