This $25 Vlogging Mirror is Actually Kind of Genius

If you’re a vlogger using a camera like a Sony a6500, a7S or something similar, you most likely struggle with not being able to check the camera’s screen when you are in front of it filming yourself. That's why Max, the small time designer who runs Maxotics, has created the Vlogging Mirror, which allows vloggers to see their camera screens even when they don't have a flip-out screen or external monitor.

The Vlogging Mirror, running for only $25, is in its prototype stage and so will most likely undergo a few adjustments in the future, but from initial impressions, it’s actually quite genius.

The Vlogging Mirror prototype is crafted out of wood, a clear piece of acrylic and a small mirror. The acrylic piece attached to the camera’s display, with a little velcro strap to fasten it down. After that, you just adjust the mirror and you now have a way to look at your screen while vlogging.

It may be simple, but it seems to work. The only apparent downside is that the image in the mirror is backwards, so you can’t read the display’s text easily, also if you move the camera around a lot you might have to readjust the mirror. But these seem like small prices to pay when the other option would be to buy an external monitor likely costing hundreds of dollars.

You can see what the Vlogging Mirror is like while in use with this video:

As mentioned before, the Vlogging Mirror, still in its prototype stage, is priced at only $25. For more information and to stay up to date with the project, go to

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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