TechSmith Updates Camtasia to Create More Professional-looking Videos

TechSmith released the latest version Camtasia for Windows and Mac back in 2016 and continue to add to the program, announcing that a new and improved version of Camtasia is now available for download.

TechSmith says that that Camtasia 9.1 for Windows and 3.1 for Mac updates increase the program's functionality so anyone can create “attention-grabbing, polished videos” quicker than they did with the previous version.

With the update’s new features, TechSmith wants to give Camtasia the capability to make more professional quality videos with easy-to-use-tools that professionals, like those in marketing, will feel satisfied with.

“Video has become an essential tool for anyone who needs to provide knowledge or information in an efficient and engaging manner,” Wendy Hamilton, CEO, TechSmith Corp said. “Nearly 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment. Camtasia’s new features allow marketers, training professionals, educators to easily create attention-grabbing and informative videos anytime.”

The update adds device framing, which gives you a more realistic preview of your screen recordings and other media by snapping them into a virtual computer or mobile device screen. TechSmith believes this feature will allow professionals like marketers to demonstrate how to produce videos, websites and apps look on various devices, since screen dimensions do vary.

Camtasia can also now import PowerPoint presentations and make them into videos, allow you to also add animations and audio. In addition, TechSmith is offering pre-packaged assets that are editable, wanting to provide an easy alternative way of creating assets for projects. Lastly, TechSmith has improved Camtasia’s extend frame on the Windows version.

Along with the update, ThechSmith’s released two apps, TechSmith Motion (iOS) and TechSmith Capture (iOS), that allow users to add effects to video and to record and shar directly to Camtasia.

The upgrade for Camtasia for both Windows and Mac is available today. It is free to those who already have Camtasia 9 on Windows or Camtasia 3 on Mac. Users with version 8 on Windows or version 2 on the Mac can upgrade to the lastest version for $99. The base price for Camtasia stands at $199 for those that haven’t bought Camtasia yet. There is a free trial offered for Camtasia, so if you’re interested in the product, you can try it out first.

Go to to learn more about Camtasia and to download its free trial.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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