SmallHD Pits New 1703 P3X Monitor Against Sony’s PVM-A170

SmallHD is upgrading their 17-inch small HD monitors to the 1703 P3X hoping to improve the model’s viewing angle and display. They are so confident in their upgraded monitors that they posted a YouTube video that directly compares their P3X’s display with Sony’s PVM-A170 and the comparison is striking.

In the video, SmallHD compares the two monitors both in-studio and outside, and the P3X stands out instantly in terms of its color display, especially when the comparison goes outside. SmallHD says that the P3X is 900 nits bright, making it highly visible in daylight. At the same time, SmallHD says that you can lower its brightness when in the studio.

“When SmallHD developed its first 17-inch monitor, we focused on durability and viewability being able to see an image in broad daylight,” said Wes Phillips, CEO of SmallHD.

The 1703 P3X is an upgraded, daylight viewable version of the 1703. SmallHD says that its improved wide color gamut display covers 100% of the DCI P3 color space for cinema, which goes beyond color reproduced in REC 709.


“The P3X adds high contrast, 10 bit reference, great color accuracy and superb viewing angle to this foundation of ruggedness and brightness, resulting in a monitor that will impress in any production or post-production environment,” said Phillips.

What if you have already bought a 1703 monitor from SmallHD? They say that they will be having a special, limited time pricing option for customers who have already bought the 1703 and want to upgrade to the 1703 P3X. They will be releasing more information on those pricing options in the coming weeks.

The 1703 monitor without the special pricing option is priced at 3,999 dollars.

For information and to get updates about the special pricing for the P3X, go to

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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