RØDE has announced that they will be releasing a new handheld microphone, the TX-M2, for their RØDELink Wireless category. Paired with the RX-DESK recieved, RØDE is calling the bundle the Performer Kit.

In the video production context, the Performer Kit look to be especially useful in new gathering, interviews and some documentary productions. RØDE themselves say that the handheld microphone is “perfect for lectures, Q&A, school presentations, Houses of Worship, weddings, venues and live performances.”


“The Performer Kit is a superb wireless microphone and receiver combination and a welcome addition to the RØDELink family,” said RØDE and Freedman Group CEO Damien Wilson, “Furthermore, thanks to RØDE’s ongoing investment in injection-mould technology and precision process, the Performer Kit is designed and made right here in Australia.”

RØDE describes the kit as very easy to use, saying that it will work right out of the box without requiring you to make any channel selection. The RØDELink range is suppose to automatically select the strongest wireless signal to make sure that the audio you are recording is just as strong and reliable as a cabled connection. The kit uses Series ll 2.4GHz encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously.

For its battery power, you have the option of using RØDE’s included LB-1 Lithium-Ion Battery or, if you don’t want to use their battery or something happens to it, you can use 2 x AA batteries instead.

RØDE’s performer Kit is available now from authorized RØDE dealers.

Visit rode.com for more details.

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Sean Berry
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