Nikon Reportedly Files Patents for Two Super-fast Full Frame Lenses

There’s big news on the horizon from Nikon judging from reports that the company has filed for patents for two new ultra-fast full frame lenses for mirrorless cameras: the Nikkor 52mm f/0.9 and the 36mm f/1.2.

Nikon Rumors says that the patents were filed in Japan and believe that Nikon users will be very happy about this news since it not only points to the future release of a pair of incredibly fast new lenses, but also because Nikon has been promising a never-before seen new mirrorless camera in the future. However, they do point out: “Patents are no guarantee for future products, but I think everything so far points to a new full frame mirrorless camera with a new mount that can accommodate a 50mm f/0.9 lens.”


There are also rumors that Nikon is developing a new adapter for the predicted mirrorless camera.

“Reportedly Nikon is putting a lot of effort in the development of a new lens adapter for their next mirrorless camera,” says Nikon Rumors. “The new adapter is supposed to be very complex and it will be expensive.”

One of the patents filed in Japan shows that the adapter has a pellicle/translucent mirror and a built-in phase-detection autofocusing module. You can see the diagram in the image below. It seems that the adapter is meant to ensure that autofocusing remains fast while using the adapter and to ensure other Nikkor lenses are compatible with the new mirrorless camera as well.


Nikon’s been saying that they are working on a mirrorless camera that raises the bar from what's currently available. This paired with the super fast 52mm f/0.9 lens would be an exciting development for Nikon shooters. Hopefully, Nikon can deliver.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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