MAGIX Updates Movie Edit Pro for Faster, Smoother 4K Editing

Since its 2016 release, MAGIX’s video editing software, Movie Edit Pro, had received mixed reviews from the public. Many customers who bought the program have cited problems with its performance and complain that there is a lack of content available. MAGIX has responded with a new update to the editing software that promises to make its performance much smoother and offer more content.

This biggest request that MAGIX got from their customer’s feedback was to make the program run faster and to have smoother previews for all videos, including 4K. MAGIX says that their update will allow users to complete their editing 5x faster than the previous version of Movie Edit Pro. “INTEL GPU hardware acceleration has been activated in Movie Edit Pro. As a result, editing video material can now be completed 5X faster than in the previous version,” says MAGIX. They promise, too, that user’s preview monitors will be able to pay material up to 4K smoothly.

In their response to the lack of content, MAGIX is also adding up to 1,500 new effects to Movie Edit Pro that users can use. In the new Movie Edit Pro Store, users can expand their selection of effects already available in the program. The effects area itself has been redesigned in an aesthetically pleasing, clearly laid-out tile format. All effects can be accessed with a single click, making video editing even easier and faster than ever before,” says MAGIX. Intros and outros, transitions, film templates and soundtracks make up the majority of the content that is being added. MAGIX is also trying to sweeten the deal by offering a coupon with the Plus and Premium version of the software, equivalent to the cost of five effects.

What’s a little less sweet is that MAGIX’s update will allow the software to work with new plug-ins (NewBlue ColorFast 2, NewBlue Elements Overlay, iZotope RX Elements & HitFilm Movie Essentials), but only if you purchase the Premium version. You can get this upgrade for the Pro and Plus, but you will have to pay more. 

The upgrade also brings 360° stitching and 360° perspective rotation to the program, which MAGIX says completes the program’s set of 360° tools with 360° effects and 360° to 2D cutout animation.

The updates are available now and are free to those who have already bought the program. If you haven’t bought the program and are interested in doing so, MAGIX’s Movie Edit Pro is priced at 59 dollars, while the Plus and Premium version are priced at 79 and 99 dollars, respectively.

At the end of MAGIX’s press release for these updates, MAGIX hints at more updates in the future that will “[enable] a simpler, more flexible video editing workflow” in the Movie Edit Pro’s Timeline. They say that this Timeline update will be released in November and will also be free to those who have already bought the program.

Visit for more information and updates on future upgrades to MAGIX’s Movie Edit Pro.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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