Literally Anyone Can Make Awesome Motion Graphics with This Web App

Ask anyone who’s ever worked with After Effects — creating professional motion graphics takes years of experience and learning. But the sad truth is most marketers in the 21st century could use a good animated explainer video. tackles this problem with a tool that has professional animated text and scenes, stock media, creative transitions and more. We used it and the main word that best describes the using it is “simple.” Literally anyone, regardless of their knowledge of video production, could use Biteable. Let’s look at a few users who could really benefit from Biteable: the value adder, the content creator and the producer.

The Value Adder

The value adder could be one person or a team looking to give more value to their customer. Imagine you or your team have been hired to film the campus of the nearby community college. You shoot beautiful aerials from your drone of the buildings. You take gimbal shots of students walking in the hallways and dolly shots of teachers teaching in full classrooms. The college wants to use this footage to improve enrollment numbers. They want to meet the students where they are and put their marketing budgets into social media.

With Biteable, they’re able to create fresh content this semester and into coming years. Looking to give them more value and with the hope of return business, you tell them about They can import your footage directly into Biteable, then anyone can easily add animated graphics to it for continued use of the content you created for them.

The Social Media Content Creator

Because of the fast pace at which information moves on the internet, the content creator is often looking to create and share their videos as quickly as possible, often multiple times per day. You could have a professional video with your information and your style. Maybe there is a special offer you would like to highlight. Create a small visual presentation promoting the deal to your fans. You can upload new footage each time, use your own previous footage or choose from a robust stock media library. This will not only make you look good; it will lift up your special offer effort and harness the power of video to drive results. Moreover, you can publish to your social media networks directly from Biteable.

The Producer

The producer is the person who is putting it all together. The producer is often looking for polish where it’s needed, but also they’ll also need to keep the cost down. Think of a situation where you have great footage, but that alone does not communicate everything you need. You’re thinking the video could use a few titles and a full-screen graphic here and there. Because you can upload your own footage and customize any of their titles and graphics, it’s easy to produce a higher quality product. Even if you don’t know how to use motion graphics programs like Adobe After Effects, you can still get similar results with Biteable in a fraction of the time.

It bears repeating: anyone can use Biteable, regardless of their skill-level. You don’t need to have great artistic skill and you don’t need to learn any software, it’s all online. To try out Biteable for free, go to the videomaker.

Susan is the Art Director at Videomaker and YouTuber Magazines.