Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter says that he has a project and video coming up where he needs four cameras converted from HDMI to SDI and he wants to do it on a budget. So, he research and found a small HDMI to SDI converter for $30. You can see his full video below.

The setup that Pike is talking about in the video is 3G, meaning that it won’t work for 4K, however, Pike says to still keep the $30 converter in mind when using cameras like the G7, G85, GH5 because those cameras will take their 4K signal and down scale it into 1080p. “You’re gonna have lots of packed in pixel love if you [do],” Pike says, “it’s gonna be so much better than using just a standard 1080p camera.”

The maximum spec for the 3G set up he’s using is 1080p 60fps. Its design is pretty straightforward, on one side the converter has an HDMI input and on the opposite side it has an SDI output with a power input.

Pike figured out a way to rig the converter onto his camera while keeping within his low budget. “[It] got me thinking how can I make this work on a nice little rig attached to a cage and not have to worry about one more cable and that’s where I came up with this little setup,” says Pike. His little setup includes a rigged converter box mounted onto the center of his camera with tiny cheese plates superglued onto the box so he can mount it; he also has a USB battery ziptied to the box as well.

“I’m really happy with it,” Pike says about the setup, “It works great. This thing doesn’t take a lot of power so this battery will last a long long time without having to be recharged.”

This entire setup costs under $50, with the converter itself only costing $30. Finding or creating inexpensive setups like this that work will save you bundles on projects, so keep your eyes and mind open.


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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.