Today, you hear about non-professional gear having the capability to capture professional-looking video. Does that mean that there is no longer any advantage to using professional gear? Can you save a bundle and still get the same end result? Gene from YouTube channel Potato Jet decided to put his Canon 80D against an Arri Alexa. The Arri Alexa outmatches the Canon 80D by a large $77,000 gap and is the most common camera used in the production of Hollywood movies and TV shows. This video comes after his previous popular video where he put an iPhone 7 against the Arri Alexa. 

Gene rigs both the Canon and the RED side-by-side so they can both capture the same scene in the exact same light. Check out the video below:

Right in the beginning of the video, you can tell that the color of the skin tones is more accurate with the Arri Alexa, and its dynamic range is better, which he proves later in the video when the Alexa is able to capture the lights and darks of fire and the surrounding environment better than the Canon 80D. Gene does say that the Canon 80D is holding in there, but he notes that he is filming at golden hour and it’s easier to get a good-looking shot.

Gene moves downtown and shoots there after sunset. He likes using the Arri Alexa after sunset because he says there’s usually a nice blue glow that makes the subject pop. With the Canon 80D’s, the footage looks darker than the Arri Alexa and the subject doesn’t standout as much.


Later, Gene shoots in a room that is dimly lit. He says that he wanted to have a lot of contrast with the shot. With the Alexa, the light looked more soft and warm, wrapping around his actresses face. On the Canon 80D, the light looks more like harsh light.

Gene does go over the advantages that the Canon 80D has that the Alexa doesn’t. It has auto-exposure, auto-focus, built-in audio, high-res photos, time-lapse settings and lastly it’s small and lightweight, allowing for you to use it much more easily.

But there is still a clear difference between the Canon 80D and the Arri Alexa; there’s a reason they are $77,000 gap between them. Nonetheless, they both serve their purpose and offer advantages to those that use them. If you are a vlogger, you probably don’t need a $80,000 to make a professional-looking video. Pick the gear best suited to your needs.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Contributing Editor.