CyberLink’s latest video editing software, PowerDirector 16, is here, and it’s been called “the fastest and most capable consumer-level video editing software for Windows around," by PC Mag. It's also billed as a leader in consumer-level 360-degree video editing with a wide range of tools including an innovative 360-degree video stabilizer tool.

The new editing software is also said to include numerous color enhancing tools that look to offer both stylized and life-like effects. 

“No matter what’s going on in your life, turning your video clips into breathtaking movies that tell your stories is what PowerDirector is best at,” says CyberLink in an introduction video to the PowerDirector 16.

PowerDirector 16’s 360-degree video editing seems to promise big progress in 360-degree video editing on the consumer-level. It’s suppose to be the first editing software that offers 360-degree video stabilization to consumers, and it also allows you to use 360-degree video in standard videos, CyberLink saying that it will be like you shot a scene will multiple cameras from multiple angles. The new version of PowerDirector supports end-to-end 360-degree video editing and can export your video as a 360 file. In addition, titles can be applied without distortion, according to CyberLink.

One of the things that seems like it will stand out the most for the PowerDirector 16, besides its 360-degree editing, is its color enhancment and editing tools. For instance, there’s a new Color Correction mode that can supposedly analyze video footage and adjust light, saturation and color variables to the entire clip’s lighting. This could be very quick way to fix lighting from footage shot in different areas with varying light or to match footage that was taken from multiple cameras. CyberLink says that the PowerDirector 16 also has pre-set look-up tables that can be used to match color grading in footage to keep a particular effect consistent throughout an entire video.

In addition, the software’s TrueTheater Color is suppose to make footage look much more true to life by moving around the footage's hue and vibrancy settings.

PowerDirector 16's Action Camera Center also promises to offer more tools for users, with CyberLink singling out extreme videographers who shoot action footage. The Action Camera Center offers things like motion tracking, zoom and pan effects, video stabilization and slow motion.

And for an extra addition to what PowerDirector 16 has to offer, CyberLink has also added a video collage designer that can combine up to seven different video clips. Most likely, if you're a filmmaker, you won’t be using this feature that much, unless you want to have that specific kind of effect in your film, but it seems like it could be an appealing feature for those wanting to quickly create a video to hold onto special memories caught on camera.
Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 is out now and is available in five different versions: Ultra, Ultimate, PowerDirector & PhotoDirector, Ultimate Suite, and Director Suit. The Ultimate version includes “high-end” video templates that Ultra doesn’t have, while the Ultimate Suit includes CyberLink’s AudioDirector, ColorDirector and a complete collection of pro effect. The Director Suite includes PhotoDirector 9, AudioDirector 8 and ColorDirector 6. Pricing varies between version, starting at about $70. To learn more about PowerDirector 16, go to

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