Can Fotodiox’s PRONTO Lens Adapter Really Give a 120-year-old Lens Autofocus?

Image of Bausch & Lomb 1897 Lens


PRONTO isn't ready for video.. yet

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Hi everybody! Thanks for checking out the videos on the PRONTO lens adapter. We're obviously super excited about where this technology is going. As a filmmaker, I'm anxious to get this hardware going for Sony's video modes, but for now it's just for taking stills.

I have shot video with my 120 year old lens by using the bellows attachment you seen in the video, and a conventional lens adapter. You focus by adjusting the length of the bellows, which can be a little fidgety. No rack focusing for now! I encourage everyone to try shooting with some vintage glass - nothing beats the unpredictable creativity that comes out of these experiments!