Apple Reveals Details about the Upcoming iPhone X

The details are in; Apple has released information regarding their upcoming iPhone X and it seems like they are looking to equip the iPhone X’s camera with the “highest quality video capture ever in a smart phone.”

The iPhone X looks like the biggest redesign of the iPhone in a while. What is really interesting about the iPhone X is that the whole front of the phone is a screen. Apple went as far as to get rid of the home button in the iPhone X’s design. How are you suppose to get back to home? You can apparently swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get back to the phone’s home page.

As for its camera capabilities, iPhones are always delivering on their camera’s features and the iPhone X doesn’t deviate from that. It allows for 4K video up to 60 fps and lets you capture slow-motion footage in higher definitions, including 1080 slow-motion at up to 240fps.

It’s back-facing camera now runs vertically and has dual 12-megapixel cameras with both a f/1.8 wide angle camera and a complementary f/2.4 telephoto camera. The back camera is also supposed to have dual optical image stabilization, which essentially makes your shots much more stable. The cameras also promise wide color capture and precise exposure control.

Another interestingcapability of the iPhone X’s camera is its face recognition technology used to unlock the phone — it can even update its mapping of your face as you age.

How does that work? Apples says that it use a feature called for ID, which is enable by the phone's new 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera. “Face ID projects more than 30,000 invisible IR dots. The IR image and dot pattern are pushed through neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face and send the data to the secure enclave to confirm a match, while adapting to physical changes in appearance over time. All saved facial information is protected by the secure enclave to keep data extremely secure, while all of the processing is done on-device and not in the cloud to protect user privacy.”

Apple goes on further to say that iOS developers would be able to take advantage of the TrueDepth camera and phone’s rear cameras to create games and apps that offer “fantastically immersive and fluid experiences that go far beyond the screen.” So the IPhone X could possibly support apps and games that use the phone’s face mapping capabilities.

One way that they have already demonstrated that its going in that direction is the TrueDepth camera’s capability of creating Animojis, which are moving 3D animals faces that copy user’s facial expressions. So, if you wanted to create a sad looking unicorn emoji, you can with the iPhone X’s face mapping capabilities.

For further gaming improvements, Apple also says the the iPhone has a A11 Bionic neural engine, which uses “a dual-core design” and can “[perform] up to 600 billion operations per second for real-time processing.”

The iPhone X is running for the expensive price of $999, which may drive away some customers. You can begin ordering the iPhone X on October 27 of this year.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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