$120 HDMI Cable Claims to Offer Legitimately Better Image Quality

Usually a HDMI cable that claims to improve the quality of your picture is just talk, but the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition is a legitimate HDMI cable that seems to really work on reducing aliasing.

What makes it supposedly different than the rest of the all-talk HDMI cables is that the cord works because it has a microchip in it and the microchip is supposed to perform anti-aliasing on the signals that pass through the cable.

The cable is primarily intended for console gamers. Its anti-aliasing chip is said to processes the image sent to the cable to reduce the visible appearance of jagged lines that you can get with console games, without making the picture look soft and fuzzy.



"Gaming consoles have a problem: they can't draw very well," reads the Marseille description, "Even if they're high powered, they still miss a lot of key details because all processors are physically limited, leading to insufficient sampling resolution and frame rate, which leads to common 'artifacts' such as jagged edges and shimmering textures."

Here's video of PC Perspective talking about the cable and what it does.


PC Perspective tested out the cable and compared it to software anti-aliasing options that are available on PC games. They said that the chip does a pretty good job at smoothing the jagged lines without compromising image detail. Also, there is minimal lag when performing.

PC Perspective however only tested games that were striving for realistic graphics. It isn’t clear how the chip would work with full motion video. 


The chip is said to perform upscaling to 4K and that it supports 1080p at up to 120Hz.

Marseille’s charging $119 for a 3-foot mCable Gaming Edition and $129 for a 6-foot version, and $139 for a 9-foot version.

To learn more, visits marseilleinc.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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