Samson’s Professional Mobile Microphone is Out Now

Samson, on August 21, announced that their Go Mic Mobile is now available to the public. Awarded Videomaker's Best Microphone of CES 2017 earlier this year, this new wireless mobile microphone is suppose to turn any phone into a professional-level high definition audio recorder and also provide great quality audio to DSLR cameras as well.

The biggest advantage this microphone could offer is its mobility. The mic will most benefit phone-weilding filmmakers, podcasters, vloggers, live streamers and YouTube creators. But honestly, anyone who wants to record good quality audio with their phone videos could stand to benefit from Samson’s new recorder.

Any time you're shooting video, good audio is important. Would you watch a podcast where you can’t understand what the interviewer or the guests are saying? Chances are you wouldn’t.


Samson aims to keep the setup for the audio recorder simple; it plugs directly into both iOS and Android devices and mounts directly onto the back of a smartphone or DSLR camera. It also comes with a shoe mount adapter, which Samson says “easily attaches the dual-channel receiver to a DSLR camera or professional camcorder.”

The device is reportedly able to last up to 13 hours of high-definition wireless operation. The device’s battery is suppose to be separate from the phone's battery, so it won’t drain any amount of your phone’s battery when in use.

On the topic of the Go Mic Mobile’s transmission  of its audio, Samson stated that the “Go Mic Mobile transmits uncompressed, low latency audio and can operate up to 100 utilizing the 2.4GHz frequency band. Its 10Hz–22kHz frequency response ensures the highest quality audio reproduction, while a bitrate of 48kHz provides a greater than CD- quality sound.”


Making an audio recorder that is both mobile and professional-quality available for smartphones is the kind of move that will encourage more people to start shooting their own videos without all the high end equipment that usually comes with the filmmaking process. In all honestly, all you need is equipment that can help you convey the message that you want to convey in your video. Products like Samson’s Go Mic Mobile remind everyone that you don’t need a RED to make something good. Hopefully, Samson’s mobile mic fulfills its promises.

The Samson Mic Mobile is now available for purchase for $249. For more information, visit

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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