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Coming off last year’s releases of Pinnacle video editing software releases, Pinnacle has unveiled the next version of their video editing software, Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate. The Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate is set to add new tools to the Pinnacle users’ toolbelt, including Morph Transition, Wide Angle Lens Correction, Paint Effects and 3D Titling. With all that Pinnacle is adding to their line of software, they believe Pinnacle users will be more easily able to achieve professional-looking effects to apply to their projects.

"With a smarter and beautifully redesigned UI, Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate offers a unique video editing environment where professional-inspired tools don't need to be complicated or hard to learn. If you're looking for a more powerful video editor where you can grow your skills, Pinnacle Studio takes you closer to pro, without the expense or complications. And if you're already familiar with the Pinnacle Studio environment, you'll be blown away by the speed, simplicity, and control of your new workflow," said Michel Yavercovski, Senior Director of Product Management for Pinnacle.


Pinnacle has proven in the past that they have the capability to deliver editing software that is simple to use, affordable and, most importantly, functional. We reviewed Pinnacle’s Studio 19 Ultimate just last year, and though it wasn’t up to the pro-standard of other video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer or Apple Final Cut Pro, it was still a great editing software for entry-level editors who want a little more than what would be offered in the most basic video editing software options.

Pinnacle campaign on their software’s simplicity, so we would think that Studio 21 Ultimate will operate similarly to their previous editing softwares, even though they’ve redesigned their software’s user interface setup. This redesign is suppose to make workflows quicker by making tool access easier and the ability to personalize your workspace with detachable panels. It doesn’t seem like they’ve change the interface to the point that Studio 21 Ultimate would operate differently than their other previous softwares, which isn’t a bad thing. Pinnacle products have a appeal to beginning editors, so there’s no reason to alienate them by making their products more complicated to use.


Aside from the interface, Pinnacle say that they’ve added a good amount of features to enhance their line of software. As said before they’ve added morph transitions for dynamic scene to scene switches. Along with the morph transitions are effects from NewBlueFX that Pinnacle says will offer things like selective focus, color and tint effects. They’ve also added paint effects and 3D titling options; hopefully Pinnacle can pull these features off in a non-cheesy way — we've complained before about their inclusion of cheesy effects in previous versions.

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate is priced at 130 dollars. Visit for more information.

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