Lensrentals Will Now Let You Rent Drones

Since the announcement, the public now has the ability to pick from drones like the Mavic DJI PRO and Phantom 4 Pro on Lensrentals’ site. This is all happening after Lensrental conducted a recent successful trial, encouraging them to extend their nationwide program and to keep on improving
"With any new photo and video rental categories, we need ensure we’re maintaining our high standards for providing ‘like new’ equipment to enable our customers to capture the best quality imagery. " said Lensrentals, Co-owner, Drew Cicala.  "As drone technology has improved, especially stability control reducing the chances of accidental landings, and VR gear quality has increased, we’re more confident that we can maintain an inventory of professional equipment that can be rented repeatedly throughout the U.S.,” Cicala added.
Lensrentals’ decision to start letting the public rent drones and VR equipment is a bit of a mix bag.
Drones aren’t cheap and they are at high risk for damage when they are being rented. A lot can happen to a drone when it is being flown, not to mention the possibility of it being damaged during storage or transportation. Lensrentals could also be held liable if a drone happens to cause any property damage or if it accidently hurts someone. 
Users could also intentionally misuse the drones; Lensrentals doesn’t have any requirements when someone wants to rend a drone. They do however require that customers have a remote pilot certificate if you want to fly commercially. All this could happen at any moment when someone is renting a drones and it’s a bit of a risk that Lensrentals is taking here.
Lensrentals seem pretty confident though after they wrote this statement in a blog post talking about their possible liability:
“Lensrentals does not assume, and the customer indemnifies Lensrentals against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. Renter assumes all liability that may arise from use or failure of the equipment.
Renter assumes and shall bear the entire risk of damage to the equipment from any cause, except damage in the possession of the Shipper.”
Looking past all the possible damage and liability claims, we believe Lensrentals is doing is a great thing. They are providing an affordable way for professional, semi-professional, and enthusiast videographers to capture some aerial video. Drone’s aren’t cheap, but they’re easier to fly than ever. Considering Lensrentals requires customers to either purchase equipment insurance on their rentals or be fully liable for equipment damage, it’s a wonder it’s taken rental companies so long to begin offering drones.
You can find drones listed on lesrentals.com today.
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