NewTek Releases Three Potentially Groundbreaking Pieces of IP Tech

There was a time when going tapeless was a completely unheard of idea, and now it is the industry standard. NewTek believes that its new NDI technology could be just that, and they predict that it will revolutionize video production and storytelling by allowing for an easier and more affordable way to convert HDMI and SDI signals into IP signals. Not only is NewTek releasing a new version of their NDI technology, NDI version 3, they are also releasing a PTZ camera with built in NDI capabilities and the Connect Spark, a portable device designed to transmit HDMI and SDI signals to a computer or an IP network, wirelessly.

NewTek is pushing their new NDI version 3 as the best and only technology you should be using when working with IP signals. NDI version 3 allows for end to end IP communication, meaning any device connected to the network is fair game for sending and receiving IP video or audio. Any one NDI source can serve any number of destinations, limited by infrastructure of course. This new IP tech will be featured in Panasonic's line up of PTZ cameras. This will help streamline user workflow as NDI version 3 offers PTZ camera support including video standardizing and complete camera control including video, audio and tally.

Panasonic will not have the monopoly on cameras featuring NDI capabilities. NewTek themselves are releasing their very own PTZ camera. It will be capable of transmitting 3G 1080p 60 video directly to any NDI compatible device. This camera will seemingly benefit those who have cable organization issues as it only requires a single ethernet cable. That one cable and the built-in NDI capabilities power the camera and allow for control over pan, tilt and zoom as well as audio and video.




But, the product driving the most anticipation from us at Videomaker is the Connect Spark, a portable IP transmitting, HDMI or SDI converting device. It promises the capability to deliver video as an IP source via a standard WiFi or ethernet connection. Imagine being able to plug in any video source to a network attached Connect Spark and have it be available to anyone on the network. This could be what makes NewTek’s product as revolutionary as tapeless recording. The Connect Spark also offers video and MP4 audio recording directly on the unit to either an attached SD card or USB device as well as complete tally support; all of which can be remotely controlled through a web interface accessible by mobile phone, tablet or computer.

NDI version 3 will be available sometime during the third quarter of this year and NewTek is accepting orders of both the PTZ camera and the Connect Spark now with shipment starting August 1st. The PTZ camera features a price tag of 2,800 dollars and the Connect Spark costs 500 dollars. For more information, visit

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