Zylight’s NanGuang 400W Fresnel Is Our Best Light of NAB 2017

Congrats to Zylight and NanGuang for earning our Best Light of NAB 2017 award for the NanGuang 400w Fresnel LED light.
Zylight has partnered with NanGuang to bring the NanGuang family of LED Fresnels to the US. Like the other Fresnels fixtures in this line, the NanGuang 400w Fresnel boasts a CRI of 95 and offers focusable beam control for flood and spot lighting. The daylight-balanced 400w model is also dimmable and features DMX control.[image:blog_post:64138]
The NanGuang 400w Fresnel is powered using AC or standard batteries and promises silent cooling, good for use on quiet sets. Included with the light are barndoors, filters for matching tungsten balanced fixtures and a carrying case.
The NanGuang Fresnels are offered in five sizes from 30w up, with the 400w model being the largest fixture. Pricing and availability is yet to be determined, but as part of Zylight’s entry-level Fresnel range, we expect cost to be reasonable. For more information, visit zylight.com.
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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