The Pro-Cyc Color 350-Watt Cyclorama Light

Zylight has plans to debut their new asymmetric wall washer, the Pro-Cyc Color, at NAB 2017 later this month.

Designed for TV studios and theaters, Zylight says that their 350-watt Pro-Cyc Color produces a soft and even field of light with enough output to cover a 25-foot cyc wall, while shining a pure white for a chromakey wash. The Pro-Cyc Color is also said to feature a Color Mode that is able to produce millions of colors without gels or filter.


“Our IS3c panel light with Color Mode continues to be one of our most popular fixtures, and the Pro-Cyc Color brings that same rich color palette in a different package to provide even light output to larger cycs, horizontals, and backgrounds,” said Joe Arnao, president of Zylight. “It’s an affordable choice for studio chromakey or adding color backgrounds for your productions.”

Zylight have stated that they have designed the Pro-Cyc Color to be lightweight and be built for floor use or truss mount, allowing for four Pro-Cyc Color fixtures can be daisy chained through their power connectors.


The Pro-Cyc Color has be priced at 2,799 dollars. Zylight says that they will be made available in Summer 2017. For more info on the Pro-Cyc Color, go to

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