SmallHD FOCUS Takes Home Best Monitor of NAB 2017 Award

Congrats to SmallHD and their FOCUS 5-inch field monitor, winner of the Best Monitor of NAB 2017 award!
The SmallHD FOCUS is built for outdoor use in sunny locations with its bring 800 nit display. SmallHD claims the FOCUS is two to three times brighter than the LCD screen on the average camera and has more pixels per inch than an iPad’s Retina display. The FOCUS also features simple touchscreen navigation.
The SmallHD FOCUS also includes a number of professional shot assist tools such as a waveform monitor, false color and focus assist. The FOCUS can also be loaded with 3D LUTs for in the field previewing. This make it easier to shoot in Log profiles.
On top of that, the FOCUS also had an auxiliary power out, allowing cameras to be powered via the FOCUS’s attached Sony L Series battery. SmallHD claims this can extend run time by as much as four times. Camera top mounting is made convenient with the included Tilt Arm, which allows the monitor to tile up to 180 degrees to accommodate different shooting angles.
The SmallHD FOCUS is available for preorder starting in May. For more information, visit
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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