Ronin 2

At an NAB press event Sunday, DJI introduced filmmakers to their new three-axis camera stabilizer, the Ronin 2, the redesign of their previous Ronin camera stabilizers.

DJI says that the Ronin 2 has been designed with more power, allowing it to carry larger cameras, and has been made with many new features that will allow for more versatility and unprecedented camera moves than with the Ronin.


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“Ronin 2 dramatically improves every aspect of the camera operating experience and is the best stabilizer we have ever made,” said Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager. “Completely redesigned to meet the needs of today’s camera professionals, Ronin 2 makes it easier than ever to capture stunning cinematic footage under the widest variety of situations.”

The Ronin 2 wil have a number of new features:

Stronger Design

DJI says that the Ronin 2 will offer strength that will give much more freedom to filmmakers when choosing which camera to film with. The Ronin 2 has been designed with an enlarged camera cage and 50mm extendable arms, in hopes allowing support for heavier DSLR cameras and full cinematic cameras. DJI’s Ronin 2 will have gimbal motors that are able to handle up to 30 pounds in weight.


Versatile Mounts

Designed with a new detachable Grip, the Ronin 2 looks to provide custom stabilization to a full range of camera mounts. DJI says “the quick release mount makes it easy to transfer seamlessly from one scene to the next, giving filmmakers new freedom to explore every perspective with stability and control.”

Quick Setup and Easy Usability

DJI believes that the Ronin’s new axis locking levers and fine tuning knobs will allow for faster and more precise balancing. “Every detail of Ronin 3 has been improved for quick setup and easy operation,” says DJI. Having integrated a new touch screen with 1,000 nits of brightness, DJI wants professionals to be able to directly configure gimbal settings for on-the-fly adjustments and have full control of mount RED cameras.


Redesigned Frame

The Ronin 2 could offer users with both durability and lightness with its redesigned carbon fiber monocoque style frame, with a new fold-away feet and a splash-proof enclosed motor design.


Improved SmoothTrack System

DJI says the Ronin 2 can now capture more stable images while on the move thanks to the SmoothTrack system. DJI went on to say that the Ronin 2 SmoothTrack system “has been enhanced with an updated algorithm for keeping Ronin 2 in sync with the operator’s movements.”

The Ronin 2 will be available in the second quarter of 2017. Pricing hasn’t been released yet, but it will be announced prior to the Ronin 2's release.

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Sean Berry is a blogger and Videomaker Associate Editor.