YouTube Produces New Documentary Highlighting a Unique Musician and Her Quest for Unique Sounds

YouTube has just released a new documentary that follows indie artist Låpsley as she records and mixes her own sound kits in the icy terrain of Iceland for her new upcoming album.

Having become tired of the prepackaged sounds and samples offered, Låpsley set out to Iceland to create her own original and unique sound kits. “There’s so many songs that you hear nowadays that you can tell what kits and plugins they use. Despite there being a lot out there, I feel like people tend to use the same ones.”

After recording an abundant amount of field audio, Låpsley likes to change the sounds she records using different filters, frequency and stretching audio out allowing her to create completely new and original sound kits.

Recording field audio of water drops, gusting wind, and her feet crunching against the rocky ground, Låpsley is always trying to push the boundaries of what you can expect from what is possible with sound recording and editing.


Interestingly, YouTube’s involvement with with Låpsley’s record label, XL Records, and other indie artists and their labels, brings to light YouTube’s efforts to strengthen their relationship with the music industry.

It is likely that it won’t be long before YouTube releases another short documentary highlighting a different indie artist. As for Låpsley, there is not official release date for her album yet, but it’s sure to come soon.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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