Jannik Schröder Takes Home Azden SMX-30 Sweepstakes Prize!

Congratulation to Jannik Schröder, winner of Videomaker’s Azden SMX-30 Mono/Stereo Mic Sweepstakes!
Jannik is a photographer and filmmaker based in Germany. He runs two YouTube channels, including the two-year-old Der Derik, which features gaming videos along with gear reviews and tutorials. More recently, he started TechRik, which focuses exclusively on the more technical side of production with more reviews, tutorials and unboxings. Jannick also plans to add short films and interviews to his repertoire and predicts his new Azden mic will be especially useful in those productions. 
When not filming, Jannik spends time taking photos. He especially enjoys capturing the natural beauty of landscapes, especially snow, ice and sunrises.
In addition to the Azden SMX-30, Jannik’s kit also includes a Panasonic LUMIX G7 and a Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone with a macro lens. He also uses a Røde Procaster and ZOOM H1 along with other support gear like a slide, rig and gimbal. 
With his YouTube channels, Jannik hopes to turn his love of video creation into a career with a job producing media.
You can keep up with Jannick on his website, www.derderik.de, or follow him on Instagram at @derderik_YT or Twitter at @derderikYT. And be sure to check out his YouTube channels, Der Derik and TechRik. Don’t miss his forthcoming Azden SMX-30 unboxing and review!
Congratulations again, Jannik! Videomaker is thrilled to continue supporting video creators like you!
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse is a professional writer and a curious person who loves to unpack stories on anything from music, to movies, to gaming and beyond.

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