Canon XA35 Brings Professional Features to Run-and-Gun Filmmaking

Never content with resting on its laurels, Canon’s XA35 Professional Camcorder is the latest tool for providing all that’s needed to realize your vision. Featuring a 20x optical zoom lens and OLED touch panel view screen, it shares the same compact body design and key features as Canon’s XA25 while also introducing a number of significant improvements for greater creative and technical control.

Wide DR

A wide dynamic range of 600% faithfully represents what is being shot for natural and realistic-looking image capture. The Wide DR mode suppresses overexposure in high brightness areas, allowing the captured video to produce seamless tone gradations, smooth, accurate details and color and the near total exclusion of blown-out highlights.

Highlight Priority Mode

The Highlight Priority mode provides highly saturated and realistic colors by achieving similar effects as that of HDR modes in other cameras. Preventing loss of detail in high brightness areas is done through the reduction of the mid-to-high brightness compression of the standard gamma mode. The mode is most effective when a bright LCD TV is used as the display, set to a high brightness setting.[vm_playwire_video_1]

Slow & Fast Motion Recording

Both fast and slow motion video capture is possible with the XA35, with recording options for recording frames at specific intervals: fast motion can range from 2x to 1200x original speed for true time-lapse shots with virtually no quality loss; slow motion recording ranging from 0.8x (30fps) and 0.4x (60fps) original speed with playback at 24p. In addition, both fast and slow motion footage can now be reviewed in-camera.

Improved Low-light Performance

The XA35 features a new 1/2.84-inch, 2.91 Megapixel HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with 2136 x 1362 pixels and a low-luminance noise rating of +3dB. This enhanced signal-to-noise sensitivity provides vivid, accurate high-definition video recording with significantly improved imaging, especially in low-light situations where capturing clear and sharp video is a must.

Run and Gun Video Production

For a camera to be efficient, it can’t just be lightweight and compact — there must also be a wealth of accessible professional features for use in a wide variety of shooting situations. To provide for this, the XA35 has an intelligent optical image stabilization system that can automatically detect and choose the proper stabilization mode or be used manually to reduce blur. The system includes a Dynamic mode to electronically correct for roll and tilt. This is accompanied by a built-in ND filter, Focus Peaking and Zebras. On the audio side, there are two XLR inputs with manual audio controls plus a headphone jack for real-time monitoring. Five assignable function buttons provide quick access to customized shooting.

The Canon XA35 Professional Camcorder retails for $2,499.00 and is available from Canon authorized dealers. For more information, visit Canon’s website.

Susan Schmierer
Susan Schmierer
Susan is the Art Director at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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