Canon XA35 Brings Professional Features to Run-and-Gun Filmmaking (Sponsored)

Canon’s XA35 Professional Camcorder


Over priced &I no 4K

This camera compared to the canon HF G40 is exactly the same camera. There is absolutely 0 difference between the two except the 35 has a handle and mic inputs. Well for $1000+ dollars less you can add a Rode Video Mic Pro to the HF G40 and have the exact same camera. Let's talk about 4K or the lack there of. Why is Canon waiting so long to get into the 4K game. All the other manufacturers are blowing them away with features including 4K that Canon should be offering especially at the $2500 price point range. The only camera with a fixed lense and 4K is the XC10 and the XC15. Still more in price. Come on Canon get with the times. I have switched to Sony after owning all three HF G10, HF G30, and a HF G40. Glad I did. Tired of waiting on Canon to catch up. Long time Canon supporter now forced to look else where. Sad.

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I'm happy with my Canon C300 and C500 and assorted lens. Although the timing of the release of the C300 MKII devalued my C500 pretty quick.