Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround earphone
This week at CES, Sennheiser is showcasing the new AMBEO Smart Surround earphones. This new offering follows last year’s announcement of Sennheiser’s AMBEO VR Mic, which took home Videomaker’s award for Best Mic of CES 2016.
The AMBEO Smart Surround earphones are designed to record and reproduce an immersive listening experience via a compatible smart device. Like the VR Mic, AMBEO Smart Surround allows you to capture immersive 3D audio to complement spherical video and VR content, but the Smart Surround, with a compact earphone design, is also a playback device for listening to binaural audio recordings.
To produce the desired immersive effect, the earhooks of the AMBEO Smart Surround are fitted with two microphones able to capture the subtle differences in timing, volume and timbre that influence how we interpret the directionality of sound.[image:blog_post:62839]
“Today’s consumers are accustomed to capturing incredibly realistic video, producing 4K and 360° videos. Yet as mainstream technology makes immersive visual experiences ever more accessible, the power and emotion of this footage is too often let down by the quality of sound that these devices can capture. AMBEO Smart Surround is an innovative solution that closes this gap,” explains Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser. “With AMBEO Smart Surround we are taking the next step into the future of audio. We are inviting consumers to experience immersive sound by adding a recording earphone into our AMBEO technology program,” adds Co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser.[image:blog_post:62838]
The AMBEO Smart Surround is the first consumer device to feature Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D audio technology. Sennheiser highlights the small in-ear form factor and simple design as key elements in making the Smart Surround highly portable, easy to use and accessible to a range of users. The resulting audio can also be played back on any pair of stereo headphones.
The Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround is slated to become available in the second half of 2017.