Best of CES 2017: Roland GO:MIXER Offers Flexible Mobile Audio Recording

Congratulations Roland, taking home our Best Mobile Peripheral of CES 2017 award.
The Roland GO:MIXER is a compact audio mixer designed specifically for smartphone video production. The GO:MIXER enables real-time audio recording directly to your smartphone as you are capturing video. This allows users to take advantage of the high resolution cameras in today’s devices without resorting to capturing audio with the built-in mic, which is often inadequate, or separately with external gear. The GO:MIXER aims to simplify the production process for those wishing to capture better audio through their smart device.
The GO:MIXER will accept up to five different audio sources. It includes inputs for vocal mic, guitar/bass, stereo keyboard and two stereo line-level devices — for instance a drum machine.The GO:MIXER features front panel knobs for more tactile operation, and there is a stereo output so that you can monitor your audio with either headphones or a an external amplification system. The level of the monitor output can be adjusted with a dedicated panel knob.
The GO:MIXER connects to either iOS or Android devices using the included cable. This connection also powers the device, eliminating the need for batteries. The mixer measures 3.75 inches on each side and stands 1.1-inches tall, making it easy to take along with you.
The Roland GO:MIXER compact audio mixer sells for around $100. For more information, visit
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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