Best of CES 2017: Omnicharge Provides Flexible, Portable Power

Congratulations to Omnichage for earning our Best Accessory of CES 2017 award. In addition to the the typical USB charging ports found on most similar devices, this handy portable powerbank also features an AC/DC outlet, what they claim is the first in the industry. 
The AC/DC outlet gives the device the flexibility to charge not only phones and other mobile device, but also laptops, cameras, small home appliances — pretty much anything you would normally need to plug into a wall outlet. 
For even more flexibility, the Omnicharge can also be charged from any power source and offers flow-through charging, allowing you to charge the powerbank and use it to power your device simultaneously. An OLED screen helps you keep track of incoming and outgoing voltage as well as battery level and temperature.
It takes about two hours to charge the Omnicharge using the AC adapter, but it can extend the battery life of your Macbook Air by up to 13 hours or keep you Macbook Pro running an additional 5-7 hours. Omnicharge also promises 4-6 charges for your camera battery, making it a great companion for videographers spending lots of time in the field.
The Omnicharge comes in two sizes: the Omnicharge 13.600mAh 65W and the Omnicharge 20.400mAh 100W. Both are available in either black or white. You can pick one up for $199 for the Omni 13 or $299 for the Omni 20. Learn more at
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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