The CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights are available as Daylight or B-Color lighting units with features suitable for prosumer and professional use. They are all equipped with an adjustable Fresnel lens, a focusable beam angle and a bowens mount option. The lights offer fanless operation with the exception of the F-55, which includes a built-in fan. A Wi-Fi app/2.4G remote is available for all BOLTZEN Series Lights, with DMX added to the B-100 Daylight and the B-100S Bi-Color. Power can be supplied through an AC outlet or via an NP-F970 battery or V-Mount battery. Battery use effectively makes the lights portable for use in the field.

From among the countless scenarios in which the CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights can be used, here are five examples that show off their abilities.

Duplicating Sunlight

Simulating the effects of sunlight coming through a window or during a problematic situation on location such as an overcast day requires the light source to exhibit a consistent color temperature. All of the Daylight Series and all but one of the Bi-Color series provide a color temperature of 5600K+/-300K. Should an adjustable color temperature be required, the model B-100S has a variable color temperature of 3200K-5600K.

Controlling the Shape of the Light

By modifying the shape of the light, the filmmaker can exert more control over how the scene is lit. This can be done by attaching accessories to alter the physical output. The CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights accepts standard accessories such as barn doors for removing "spill" and filters for altering color, intensity and quality of the light.

Focusing the Light

Being able to focus the light allows more creative control over where the lighting is to fall. The CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights use a focus knob in conjunction with the Fresnel lens to enable quick adjustments.

Softbox Lighting

A softbox is an enclosure that surrounds and modifies a light so as to create a diffuse, soft and even visual effect with one byproduct being the reduction of harsh shadows. This makes a softbox suitable for many lighting scenarios both indoors and outdoors. Attaching a softbox to the CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights can be done efficiently through the optional bowens mount. The mount can also be used with other studio accessories.

Rim Lighting

Also referred to as back lighting, rim lighting comes from behind or from the side of a subject to create a powerful dramatic effect — giving the appearance of there being a light outline around the subject. The CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights are designed with mobility in mind and so can be moved into position for this use with ease. Their ability to run off of batteries also adds to their being used in situations where having power cables can be difficult or cause a safety hazard.

The CAME-TV BOLTZEN Series Lights consist of the following: the B-30 ($258 retail), F-55 ($298 retail), B-60 ($488 retail) and B-100 ($888 retail) are all daylight models, while the B-60S ($498 retail) and B-100S ($988 retail) are both Bi-Color. They are available from the CAME-TV BOLTZEN website