Syrp Slingshot: No Rails Required

Syrp this week announced the Slingshot, their answer to sliders limited by the length of their rails. The Slingshot uses an innovative design to allow a camera to travel a maximum distance of up to 300 ft, or 100m, in a single shot setup.
To achieve this impressive travel distance, the Slingshot forgoes traditional supports like tripods and slider rails in favor of tough braided rope suspended between two anchor points.
The Syrp Slingshot is built to be portable and can be installed quickly and with a minimum of tools. Operators simply choose their mounting points and attach the included mounting brackets. Ropes suspend the Slingshot carriage between the mounting point, allowing the carriage to move smoothly between them. The carriage can support a max payload of about 17 pounds (8kg).[image:blog_post:61884]
Complementing Syrp’s existing Genie line of motion controllers, Slingshot is compatible with both the original Genie and the Genie Mini time-lapse motion controllers, making the Slingshot a flexible, modular solution for shooters who want to capture more motion in their shots. [image:blog_post:61885]
The basic Slingshot package includes everything you need for manually controlled movement, but if you need more consistent motion control, you can pair the Slingshot with the Genie, Syrp’s motion controller and intervalometer — a necessity for smooth moving time-lapses. 
For even more control over your camera’s movement, adding the Genie Mini allows for more complex panning and tracking movements.
The Syrp Slingshot is available now for $990. Syrp also offers the Slingshot Genie Ballhead Kit for $1,890 and the Slingshot Pan Track Kit with a Genie Mini for $2,155. For more information, visit
Nicole LaJeunesse
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