Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate Brings Spherical Video Editing to the Masses

Today, Pinnacle announced the release of Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, the latest version of the flagship consumer editing software. The new update brings spherical video editing capabilities, new tracking features, stop motion camera support and HEVC support to the Pinnacle toolset while also improving and expanding on existing features and offerings.
“Users choose Pinnacle Studio Ultimate because they’re looking for a level of power and control that they simply cannot find in any other consumer video editor. With Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, we commit to bringing you as close to pro results as possible without the complexity or expense of professional video editing software,” said Michel Yavercovski, Senior Director of Product Management for Pinnacle. [image:blog_post:61659]
Pinnacle’s new 360 Video Controls allow you to preview and edit spherical video. A titling tool allows you to add titles and position them within the spherical space. You can also use keyframes to define a viewing path to convert the spherical video into traditional video for easy viewing on a TV or other non-interactive screen. With the abundance of spherical video cameras coming to market, this is good news for those looking for a low cost option for experimenting with this new format.
[image:blog_post:61660][image:blog_post:61661]Also new to Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate are tools for motion tracking with mosaic blur and an Easy Track Transparency tool, which allows you to adjust the opacity of tracks on the timeline to create an overlay effect.
Along with these new tracking tools, Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate now offers stop motion camera support for popular Nikon and Canon DSLRs, including a helpful overlay designed to assist animators in judging incremental movement between frames.
Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate also adds HEVC (H.265) support for users with compatible hardware. This relatively new format offers a higher compression rate, better quality and a smaller file size.
Other improvements include enhanced picture-in-picture and pan and zoom tools.
Pinnacle Studio 20 is available in three versions: the basic Pinnacle Studio 20, Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus and the top-of-the-line Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. All three are available now for $60, $100 and $130, respectively. For more information, visit Read our review of Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate here.
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