Octospot Dive Camera mounted to SCUBA mask
The Octospot Dive Camera has gotten a lot of attention in the past few days for its impressive waterproof spec; the 4K action camera is capable of surviving underwater at a maximum depth of 656 feet. That’s around five times the depth reached by the typical recreational SCUBA diver. The Octospot's dive capabilities are impressive, to be sure, but that’s not what makes this highly specialized action camera especially cool.
While the Octospot’s extreme waterproofing will be appealing to some, a case capable of protecting a GoPro down to 197 feet is available for $60 and would be more than sufficient for most divers if functioning underwater is the only concern. However, the Octospot really sets itself apart with dive-centric features aimed at making recording high quality video effortless for the diver. Especially intriguing is the camera’s pressure-sensitive auto white balance, which automatically adjusts for changing color temperature according to depth. 
Additionally, the Octospot’s controls are made to be easily manipulated with gloved hands while underwater, and the camera’s cylindrical form-factor make it easy to mount to a dive mask. The Octospot also features electronic image stabilization and promises a two-hour battery life. [image:blog_post:61410]
Though the Octospot could certainly find a spot in the kit of extreme deep sea divers, you don’t need to go down 600 feet to take advantage of these features. Aside from being waterproof to the point of excess — there are very few divers who regularly push that 656-ft max depth limit — the Octospot’s overall design and functionality make it uniquely suited to capturing underwater adventures of all kinds.
The Octospot is still in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, but with 27 days to go, backers have already pledged more than $46,000 over the project’s initial $80,000 goal. The camera is available for pre-order via Kickstarter starting at $349. Full retail price is expected to be around $500. For more information, visit octospot.com.

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