MAXON today announced Cinema 4D Release 18, which promises to bring new and upgraded tools to creative professionals working in a variety of contexts. Enhancements to the popular VFX, visualization and rendering software will enable artists working in video production, game design, architecture and other fields to more easily create and integrate 3D animations, graphics and visual effects into their work.
And judging by this showcase video, the results can be pretty impressive:
Learn more about how “Versus” used Cinema 4D R18 in this behind-the-scenes video:
“MAXON continues to build upon its 30-year legacy of empowering our existing and new customers with unprecedented performance and accessibility for streamlining and simplifying design workflows,” said Harald Egel, CEO & managing partner at MAXON Computer GmbH. “Cinema 4D Release 18 builds upon that foundation with powerful new tools and refinements so that creative professionals can successfully handle the demands required in today’s motion graphics, VFX and visualization environments.”
Among the new tools featured in the latest release is Voronoi Fracture Object. This native feature in the MoGraph toolset works seamlessly with Dynamics to simulate the tearing down of walls and dismantling of objects. You can also create artistic procedural geometry using spline or polygon objects to define the fractured shape.
Also included are Interactive Knife Tools, which enable users to draw lines across a model and tweak the cut with an interactive preview before locking in changes, and Object Motion Tracking, which allows for dynamic VFX and visualization workflows with expanded tools for integrating Cinema 4D creations into real-world footage. 
New Shaders and Surface Effects promise to make iridescent surfaces easier to recreate for objects such as bubbles and oil slicks. These effects tools also allow for capturing shadows for more efficient compositing, parallax mapping for enhanced bump effects and creating masks for worn edges using inverse ambient occlusion.
Finally, using Cinema 4D R18’s Substance Engine Integration, users can download compiled Allegorithmic Substances and utilize them to surface Cinema 4D objects.
Cinema 4D Release 18 is slated to ship in September 2016 and will be available for Mac OS X and Windows, with Linux node for Rendering. For full pricing and compatibility details, visit

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