Director or producer on set.
Of all the skills required for video production success, directing is the most abstract, the most nuanced and the most difficult to get right.
While more technically oriented positions offer plenty of opportunities for independent practice,  effective on-set leadership can only be practiced during an actual production. A cinematographer can practice shooting to become a master of composition and exposure, but directors don’t have the luxury of taking a trial and error approach without the risk of project derailment.
You can’t perfect the art of managing a production’s cast and crew in advance, but you can come prepared with an open mind to keep your shoot rolling smoothly.
If you’re new to directing, or even if you aren’t, these articles will help you mentally prepare for the ever demanding adventure that is directing.

The Basics

These first few articles are all about understanding the role of the director in a production. Get a handle on the basics of directing before diving deeper.

Cast and Crew

Choosing the right cast and crew is crucial to a successful production. Here’s some advice on gathering a team than can get things done.
And it’s always helpful to look to those directors you admire for inspiration.

Working with Cast

Steering actors towards the performance you’re looking for can be one of the most challenging aspects of directing. A lot of us have plenty of technical experience to help us communicate with crew, but working with the cast requires a different skill set.

Working with Crew

It’s easy to get carried away with your creative vision, but you pulled a team together for a reason. It’s important to let you crew do the job they were brought in to do. At the same time, you also need to be available to combat any and all on-set issues as they arise. Here’s some guidance for when to take control and when sit back and let the production roll.

Working with Yourself

With so much going on, it’s easy to prioritize your own well-being. Knowing how to push yourself and when you might be going too far can save you a lot of headaches — literally.

Going Deeper

Want more? Dive deep into the craft of directing with our video course.
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