Sennheiser “Relaxed and Wireless” Sweepstakes Winner Announced

Congrats to Roman, lucky winner of our Sennheiser “Relaxed and Wireless” Sweepstakes and new owner of a Sennheiser AVX-Combo SET. He anticipates this wireless mic system will “definitely improve the sound quality of [his] next work.”
Roman knew he wanted to work in videography as soon as he graduated university. All he had was inspiration, but that was enough to land him a job as a cameraman at his local TV station in Russia. He considers himself lucky to be on a team where he has been able to ask questions and learn by doing. [image:blog_post:60533]
“Now I go shooting all over my region, see things and people I never thought to see,” Roman says. “I love my job because I don’t know where I will be shooting tomorrow.” 
Roman also understands that learning and growth are on-going and that creative solutions are sometimes necessary in video production. For instance, he plans to use a fish tank as a makeshift underwater housing to protect his camera on an upcoming story on fishing — a resourceful solution to keep the production under budget!
But it’s not all about work for Roman. He also uses his free time to shoot video for himself, mostly covering a local history reconstruction club and sporting events.
Wherever he shoots, we’re happy Roman will have the Sennheiser AVX-Combo SET to capture great-sounding audio for his productions.
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Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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