NAB 2016 Awards: NewTek’s NDI for Creative Cloud Garners Best Plug-in of NAB 2016 Award

Congratulations to NewTek for winning our Best Plug-in of NAB 2016 award for their NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud. NDI for Creative Cloud allows you to connect directly to a live production workflow over IP. The plug-in simplifies the review and approval process by allowing better collaboration between different teams in different locations, giving more flexibility to a live-to-air workflow. 
NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud enables an editor to continue to edit their story up to the minute of a live broadcast. In essence, NDI gives a standard network connection the ability to make the output of Adobe Premiere Pro CC a source for a director to use for insertion into their live broadcast. 
NDI is a solution for broadcasters with an Adobe Premiere Pro CC workflow who need extra edit time and better communication. It will allow for more editing time because an editor won't need to export and encode their video for it to be a switchable source. 
Directors and producers of live broadcasts will gain more time to review created content for a better more compelling story through the added time saved by editors because of the easy and simple connection to edit systems. Their stories can stay more up to date, so that live broadcasts can better keep up with the pace of breaking news. [image:blog_post:60234]
NDI is available now for $99 per system. 
Videomaker is proud to announce that NewTek’s NDI for Creative Cloud to be our Best Plug-in of NAB 2016 for its intuitive and affordable solution for broadcasters. For more information, visit
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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