NAB 2016 Awards: DPA d:screet Slim Omnidirectional 4060 Microphone Secures Best of NAB Award

We’re pleased to announce that DPA has won a Best of NAB award for their d:screet Slim 4060 Omnidirectional mic. This thing is tiny — nearly invisible in fact. DPA is known for their high quality mics and we expect his one to be no different.

Unlike other mics which tend to conform to standard form factors, the d:screet Slim 4060 hides underneath the wearer’s clothing and just barely peeks through a buttonhole. The result is a mic that it so inconspicuous that it may go unnoticed by observers standing an arm’s length away.

The d:screet Slim 4060 requires phantom power but can be used with any wireless transmitter or wired connection that supplies it. It retails for $520 and is available now.


Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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