NAB 2016 Awards: Best Support Goes to the edelkrone JibPLUS

Congratulations to edelkrone for winning our Best Support of NAB 2016 award for the innovative JibPLUS. This jib add-on automatically tracks a user-selected target, allowing the operator to be concerned only with the movement of the jib body itself. The JibPLUS automatically pans, tilts and focuses to keep the target in frame and in focus while the operator controls only the jib arm. 
Up to three separate targets can be stored within the control module for easy switching between subjects. To lock on a target, use the controller to choose your point of focus manually, then move the jib and target again to triangulate a precise position. This information is then stored to the controller and can be accessed with the press of a button whenever switching between targets is desired. The JibPLUS can then retarget and refocus to any of the saved targets on command. 
Smart focus learning along with the included focus motor allows the focus motor to keep targets in focus no matter how the jib arm is manipulated, making this a great setup for the small team or one-person-crew. The focus motor is compatible with all lenses.
The kit includes a controller, a sensor module, the 2-axis motorized head and the focus motor and can be attached to any jib.
Though we only saw a prototype of the technology, we were impressed with the ease of use and expect even more usability from the production models when the JibPLUS comes to market.
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Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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