Releases Deep New Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC today announced the availability of a new extension designed to integrate functionality seamlessly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The free extension streamlines the collaboration process, allowing editors to receive and act on feedback, then upload revised work, all without ever leaving the editing environment.
“Adobe video tools offer a robust platform for modern, connected workflows and are shaking up the industry – from Hollywood to YouTube,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, Adobe Pro Video. “The panel is a beautiful and smart way to bring collaboration into your Adobe Creative Cloud workflows.”
Through the extension, editors recieve realtime comments from collaborators synced directly to the timeline, including bi-directional syncing of markers-to-comments and comments-to-markers. Users can also share a cloud bin and source media. 
When an editor adds a comment to a project, the editor can click on the it to jump to the point referenced in the sequence and make the required changes. When a new revision is ready, the timeline, project or entire bin can be uploaded to without leaving the Premiere interface. This, along with auto-versioning and quick uploads, allows for faster iterations and promises to make experimentation and creativity more fluid.
“As professional editors ourselves, we designed the panel with very real insight. These are the tools we've dreamed of having access to so we can spend less time managing our edits and more time being creative,” says CEO, Emery Wells. "With for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, we're laying the foundation for truly transformative workflows. It's the next generation of collaboration for professional editors and we're only just getting started.”
Look out for more such integrations from on the horizon, but for now, the extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC can be downloaded today at
Prior to this release, the web app also received significant updates, including smarter email notifications, customizable thumbnails and still frame download capabilities. The comments panel sees the most significant updates with the addition of read receipts, a New Comments button, improved comment navigation, the ability to like, edit and download comments and the option to hide completed comments. For more visit,
You can also read our recent review of (pre-updates) for a deeper look at the platform.
Nicole LaJeunesse
Nicole LaJeunesse
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