Win Over $500 of Rocket Rooster Tools Designed to Give Your Footage a More Cinematic Look

The visual style of your video is usually in the director’s head from the start of production, so what happens when you bring the footage into your editing software and you can’t get it to look quite right?  Well, when it comes down to crunch time, as editing tends to, any solutions that are “as easy as it gets,” are often the ones that editors rely on. You need to get the right tool, and you know that big young Internet has plenty to offer, but do you really want to be searching for, learning and purchasing something you’re checking out for the first time the same day?



This sweepstakes ends after May. In June, we’ll choose a winner that will be sent the  Rocket Rooster Mega Bundle, plus we’re tossing in a yearly supply of packs, presets and plug-ins, because editors don’t make all their videos at once. The options here are extensive with a list of Look Up Tables and presets for After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP X and Raw. You’ll get to know the library that’s available to you in advance of production so that you don’t stumble at the finish line of your video. The bottom line is that the Mega Bundle will help you achieve professional looking video in very little time. In all, the sweepstakes prize is worth $550, not bad if all it costs you is your email and waiting until June.

To see their full catalog, check out Rocket Rooster's site.

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