Most Innovative Award of CES 2016: InVisage QuantumFilm

InVisage has rethought the capture images with QuantumFilm, the sensor technology designed to perform better than traditional image sensors. There are distinct advantages that QuantumFilm produces in imagery due to a global shutter and improved low-light performance, color accuracy and dynamic range, solving some common issues that videographers and photographers have been griping about for years. These are high-level features that are often celebrated on cinema cameras.[image:blog_post:59178]

We are very excited to see QuantumFilm used in smaller and better image sensors. As the gap between our smartphones and cinema cameras gets smaller, the question we have is how fast QuantumFilm will appear in the products we use to capture images. We love seeing great images, and would be remiss if we didn’t celebrate technology that will make video better. One main aspect we’ll look out for is the cost to implement QuantumFilm in image sensors and how this will affect camera manufacturers. Call us cautiously optimistic as we award InVisage our Most Innovative Award of CES 2016 for QuantumFilm.

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