white and gold drone with camera

The new drone from DJI this year is the Phantom 3 4K. It boasts some of the best specs you can find in a drone, a sub-$1,000 price point and a small and approachable form factor. The Phantom 3 4K maintains many of the design features as the standard Phantom 3, but gains ultrasonic sensors to allow for indoor flight and flight with weak GPS signals. To keep this drone affordable, the LightBridge video transmission system is replaced by Wi-Fi. Of course, having remote controls for a gimbal-stabilized 4K camera is the real reason many will pick one of these up.

The other big news from DJI is more cosmetic. The Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition is, as the name implies, a black version of the Inspire 1. The camera and remote controller are black and dressed up with a matte finish. It may not address anything internally, but the Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition does answer user requests for a black version of the popular drone.


Now that DJI’s product line is really filling in, we’re likely to dive deeper into discussions about the video being produced by these flying machines. The Phantom 3 4K, as of this writing, sells for $799 and the Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition should land at $4,799. For more information on either announcement, visit dji.com

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