Best of CES 2016 Spotlight: Kodak Super 8 Revival

camera with a large canister and slanted handle


Who is this for again?

Dudeman44's picture

This seems like a lot of hardware development money to spend on a product nobody is asking for. If I want a film look, why not just add it in post? Yikes...

New Kodak Super 8 Camera/To Dudemann44

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Apparently Dudemann hasn't had much or any experience using super 8 film. Kodak Super 8 camera was the one of first film camera that the average man could afford. You could make home movies, documentaries; without having to go to 35mm or other film sizes, which was very expensive. I am a videographer, graphic artist. For the last 40 years, i've use different types of production equipment,an have handle different types of media. It was the quickest and a easier way during that time to get production on that type of platform. So for Kodak to start making super 8 video film cameras again will spark a new excitement in the photography and video field. An also for the young as well. I believe I speak for all true videographers and cameramen, it would be exciting thing for us. So if KODAK is bring back the super 8 camera's into production again, then this is great! Can't wait to have one!